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Unit #  Type  AAR Type  AAR Class  Owner Class  Plate  Dry Cap  Notes  # Pictures
NN A MofW Equipment     Steam Crane1
NN b Snow Plow M310 MWK    2
NN Crane MofW Equipment      2
NN Difco Diffco Side Dump M120 MWD   No number1
NN ELY Passenger Car M500 PA   COACH; nee IC #1433, built by Pullman in 1928.1
NN NCB Snow Plow M310 MWK    3
NN station Other/Not Listed     station and depot photos5
NN Tank Tank Car     No Number1
NN Tank Tank Car     No Number1
NN 1 Snow Plow M310 MWK    2
NN a1 MofW Equipment      1
NN 5 Caboose M930 NE    7
NN 6 Caboose M500 PA   At the Nevada Northern Railway Museum27
NN 6 Passenger Car M500 PA   wood open-platform baggage - coach converted to outfit car.14
NN 7 Passenger Car M500 PA   named "Ely"; M.U. trailer coach built by Pullman in 1928 as IC #1433.14
NN 8 Passenger Car M500 PA   named "Nevada"; M.U. trailer coach built by Pullman in 1928 as IC #1439.23
NN 9 Passenger Car M500 PA    8
NN 9 Passenger Car M500 PA    1
NN 10 Business Car M530 PS   Built by Pullman in 18898
NN 20 RPO M510 PB   wood open-platform baggage - mail.1
NN 21 MofW Equipment     Tender for Plow2
NN 22 Caboose M930 NE B  9
NN 23 Flat Car     converted 4 passenger charters16
NN 40 Other/Not Listed     NN 40 Tender1
NN 52 Ore Car      1
NN 57-B MofW Equipment     Speeder2
NN 81 Other/Not Listed      1
NN 100 Flat Car     At the Nevada Northern Railway Museum1
NN 210 Box Car      1
NN 400 Ballast Hopper M110 MWB   Not Ballast Hopper Ore or Concentrate Hopper Pittsburgh 19083
NN 402 Ballast Hopper M110 MWBOre Car  Pittsburg 19084
NN 403 Ballast Hopper M110 MWB   Ore or Concentrate Hopper Pittsburgh 19082
NN 1005 Ore Car      2
NN 1021 Box Car     At the Nevada Northern Railway Museum5
NN 1022 Box Car      1
NN 1023 Box Car     At the Nevada Northern Railway Museum7
NN 1024 Box Car     At the Nevada Northern Railway Museum10
NN 1025 Box Car      7
NN 1030 MofW Equipment     storage car/Kitchen MOW Car1
NN 1039 Ore Car     Ingoldsby Bottom Dump 19103
NN 1082 Ore Car     Ingoldsby Bottom Dump 4
NN 1089 Ore Car     Ingoldsby Bottom Dump 19104
NN 1219 Ore Car     Koppel Iron Works 19163
NN 1228 Open Hopper  Koppel   Bottom Dump for ore or concentrate1
NN 4020 Gondola      1
NN 5000 Scale Test Car M350 MS   Built 1913 Nevada Northern Shops Steam Pilot Trucks1
NN 5710 MofW Equipment     Speeder2

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