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Unit #  Type  AAR Type  AAR Class  Owner Class  Plate  Dry Cap  Notes  # Pictures
CN  Box Car     Distributed Braking Car1
CN ad Other/Not Listed     advertisement2
CN Bedford Business Car M530 PS    4
CN Bridge_Arcol Other/Not Listed      2
CN Burrard Passenger Car M500 PA    3
CN Charleston-L Passenger Car M500 PA    1
CN Coach Passenger Car M500 PA   Unknown Coach2
CN INNES Passenger Car M500 PA   duplex sleeper 'Innes'1
CN KSF MofW Equipment      1
CN Lambert Passenger Car M500 PA    1
CN LISCOMB Diner M520 PD    1
CN loadbox Other/Not Listed     Load Box1
CN LOUISBURG Passenger Car M500 PA    1
CN MIDLAND Passenger Car M500 PA    1
CN MOW MofW Equipment     Misc. MOW Equip.14
CN PACIFIC Business Car M530 PS    3
CN Passercar Business Car M530 PS   Unkown Red Pass. car1
CN PhyllisYorke Other/Not Listed     Tug1
CN PrinceRupert Other/Not Listed     Old Station1
CN roadmaster MofW Equipment     Unknown Roadmaster 20001
CN roundhouse Other/Not Listed     roundhouse photos3
CN semi MofW Equipment     Unknown Brandt Hyrail2
CN Sherbrooke Passenger Car M500 PA    1
CN Spadina Other/Not Listed     aerial view of Spadina3
CN station Other/Not Listed     station and depot photos12
CN Sydney Passenger Car M500 PA    1
CN timetable Other/Not Listed     timetables4
CN tipple Other/Not Listed     coal tipples1
CN TO Other/Not Listed     CN Mobile 1 Command Post1
CN Tower Other/Not Listed      3
CN Unknown Box Car     CN Nfld 7999 - 8348 Series3
CN UNKNOWN Gondola      1
CN YardPG Other/Not Listed     Prince George Yard1
CN 1 Flat Car     For Distributed Braking Container1
CN Logo1 Other/Not Listed     Black noodle on yellow1
CN 2 Business Car M530 PS   Terra Nova1
CN Logo2 Other/Not Listed     White on Black1
CN 3 MofW Equipment M100 MW B Distributed Braking container4
CN Logo3 Other/Not Listed     CN 57901
CN Logo4 Other/Not Listed     CN 26101
CN OO6 Other/Not Listed     Coiled wire rack.1
CN 7 Flat Car      1
CN 8 Flat Car      1
CN 8 Container     Distributed Braking Container on Flat Car1
CN 10 Flat Car      8
CN 11 Box Car A603 XP F Ld Lt 1814003
CN 12 Box Car     Distributed Braking Car1
CN 13 Box Car      1
CN 13----- Gondola   C  1
CN 15 Other/Not Listed M100 MW B Distributed Braking Air Car, Lt Wt 858007
CN 16 Caboose M930 NE    4
CN 16 Box Car M930 NE   Distributed Braking Car1
CN 17 Box Car M100 MW B4932Distributed Braking Car1
CN 18 Box Car     Distributed Breaking Car1
CN 19 Box Car M100 MW B4932Distributed Braking Car2
CN 21 Box Car      1
CN 22 Box Car A405 XP F Distributed Braking Car XP 6094 cu ft3
CN 23 Business Car M530 PSPV-79-F  NSC/PSC 19591
CN 23 Box Car M530 PSPV-79-F  Distributed Braking Car1
CN O23 Other/Not Listed     Coiled wire rack.2
CN 25 Box Car A405 XP F XP 6094 cu ft 1
CN 26 Box Car A405 XP F XP 6094 cu ft4
CN 27 Box Car A405 XP F XP 6094 cu ft5
CN 28 Business Car M530 PSPV-51-A  GTR 1898, ex-Intercolonial "Montreal"1
CN 32 MofW Equipment A405 XPxpF Ld Lt 204200 lbs 6094 cu ft7
CN 33 Box Car     CN 0033, possible distributed braking car7
CN 36 Box Car     Air Pressure/Braking Boxcar2
CN 37 Box Car A405 XP F xp 06094 cu ft5
CN 39 MofW Equipment     Jet Blower1
CN 49 Box Car A602 XP F XP 6475 cu ft2
CN 50 Box Car A603 XP F XP 7596 cu ft3
CN 51 MofW Equipment     Ford Passenger Van2
CN 52 Box Car     Distributed Braking Car6
CN 53 Box Car     CN 0053, possibly a distributed braking car1
CN 54 Box Car      4
CN 56 Box Car A603 XP F XP 7596 cu ft7
CN 60 Box Car     Distributed Braking Car1
CN 63 Box Car A603 XP F XP 7596 cu ft4
CN 64 Box Car A603 XP F Ld Lt 1816003
CN 67 Container      1
CN 68 Box Car A603 XP F Ld Lt 1792004
CN 71 Box Car A603 XP F  3
CN 72 Box Car     Distributed Braking Car3
CN 74 Box Car     Distributed Braking Car1
CN 75 Business Car M530 PSPV-70-D  GTR-PSC 1907, ex-GTR "Ontario"2
CN 78 Box Car A603 XP F Ld Lt 1800005
CN BN79 Other/Not Listed     Volvo Semi2
CN BM80 Other/Not Listed     Kenworth Semi4
CN 89 Business Car M530 PSPV-79-G  "Enterprise", NSC/PSC 1959, ex-241
CN 89 Business Car M530 PSPV-79-G  "Enterprise", NSC/PSC 1959, ex-241
CN BN90 Other/Not Listed     Western Star Semi1
CN 92 Business Car M530 PSPV-79-C  NSC/PSC 19599
CN 93 Business Car M530 PSPV-79-FB NSC/PSC 1959, RPCX 800693 "Tioga Pass", ex-2318
CN 97 Business Car M530 PSPV-79-H  Budd 1948, ex-GTW 90 "Adios II", exx-NYC 28, exx-C&O 19, nee-C&O 1900 lunch counter - lounge BE observation rblt to business car b2
CN 99 Business Car M530 PS   "American Spirit", Budd 1955, ex-GN 13255
CN 100 Business Car M530 PSPV-79-B  "Pacific Spirit", NSC 1959, ex-98 "Bonaventure"15
CN 104 Container D215      1
CN 110 Container      1
CN 120 Container      1
CN 121 Container      1

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